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Sarah Kathryn Cleaver is a London-based researcher and writer specialising in cultural histories, film, fashion and the arts. She has worked on projects for companies and individuals including Stone Island, Rizzoli, Copson, SHOWstudio, Fred Perry, DanShan, Oriole Cullen and Ben Ditto.


Sarah is a creative and meticulous writer whose broad cultural and aesthetic knowledge and research skills allow her to take an authentic and comprehensive approach to a range of services; creative research and development, archival research, copywriting, communications and marketing strategies, treatment and pitch creation, events programming and editing.

Cleaver also co-runs Zodiac Film Club, independently programming good-looking, rarely screened films featuring complex female characters; co-hosts the Projections Podcast, a dialogue on film and psychoanalysis with Mary Wild; and curates Spilt Milk, an archive of female tears.

Contact me.

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